1. Bannockburn

From the recording Journey North (Revisited)

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They walk towards the Bannockburn
Ready to fight or die
Henry De Bowen looked the Bruce in the eye
A mighty charge he galloped
Passing side-by-side
Wielding his axe leaving De Bowen to die
The men of the chiltrons keeping the horse at Bay
In ranks of confusion forcing the English away

They live they fight they die
They laugh they love they cry
Across the Bannockburn they flee
They flee

The fighting Day is over
As night fell on the ground
The English crossed the river without a sound
Edwards plan unfolded
The Bruce was made aware
Early that morning
The Spearman were brought to bear

The Scots made plea for mercy
To God but not their foe
At the end of the day made victory their own
Edward he had fled now
His troops in disarray
The battle over the Bruce had ruled the day