1. Raise a Glass

From the recording Anither Journey


In 1759 and into poverty
This Ayrshire lad was born for a’ the world to see
Working on the land, grafting night and day
The hours long and hard for a pittance o a pay

So come the 25th we’ll raise a glass once mair
To Scotland’s favourite son and his talent so rare
In countries far and wide through centuries of time
We’ll raise a glass once mare, tae auld lang syne

A man of many words in poetry and song
Spreading social conscience, what is right and what is wrong
Not favoured by the kirk, holy Willie and his throng
But a man’s a man for a that and his memory lives on


He loved the lassies weel, mair than just a few
Elizabeth and Jean, Mary, Nancy, Jenny too
A red red rose to each, aye fond kiss afore we’re through
A romantic to the end wi love that grew and grew


So as the years go by we’ll remember once again
The greatest ever Scot and other absent friends
We’ll raise a whisky glass oor voice resounding strong
To the work o Ayrshire’s bard and Scotland’s favourite son

Chorus x 2